We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. All Broom cleaners are carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your home.

We guarantee your Broom cleaner will always be:

  • Experienced & professional

  • Background & reference checked

  • English speaking

  • Interviewed in-person

  • Highly rated by other Broom customers

There are a lot of people these days that work more than 12 hours every day and spend most of their time away from home. And you would imagine that if there is no one home, there will be no mess, no dust, no dirty dishes or clothes, but this is wrong because these all add up even when you spend one or two hours at home.

Just think about a single person that has an important position in a company and usually leaves his house early in the morning and returns in the evening or even late at night. Do you think that this person would have time to clean up the house in the hours he stays at home? Definitely not and of course it would be more comfortable and more efficient for him to hire a cleaner.

Without doubt the most important aspect that needs to be taken in to consideration when choosing a cleaner is safety. Just think about the fact that the cleaner will have access to your house along with most of the things in it even when you are not at home. Therefore you will have to find a cleaner that you can trust and because trust is earned in time, of course there will be a dose or risk at the beginning.

Next will have to pay attention to the efficiency of the cleaner. Every person has a different way of understanding cleanliness and maybe you are the more exigent type of person that wants everything to shine and finding a cleaner suitable for your demands can be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions.


We are an introductory business providing you access to the same cleaner each week to carry out your domestic cleaning. The cleaner will agree her duties directly with you when you meet prior to her commencing work for you. Some cleaners will perform additional tasks such as ironing and changing bed linen.

Set up to offer quality domestic help to busy individuals who value their precious free time, or it may be you have the time but cannot manage the cleaning of your home. Many of our clients have a disability or illness that means they need some help around their home.


Q. What day can I have my house cleaned?
A. The cleaners work Monday to Monday and will agree a cleaning day to meet your preference.

Q. Who provides the cleaning materials?
A. You do. This is mainly for hygiene reasons, we don’t want cloths and vacuum cleaners taken from house to house. However if we feel that your equipment is not adequate enough we will supply cleaning products and charge you accordingly. All products are at Trade and cheaper than you could provide.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of hours?
A. Yes. The minimum is 2.5 hours per week. Any less and the cleaners would spend more time travelling between jobs than doing what they do best!

Q. How quickly can my cleaner start?
A. Usually within a week. Depending on cleaner availability and where you live it may take a little longer.

Q. How do you choose the cleaners?
A. Very carefully. Many applicants do not even reach our interview stage. Every cleaner is vetted in their own home and identification checked. This is followed by an interview to ensure their suitability, including whether they have the right attitude to take on the responsibility of cleaning your home. Only after all reasonable checks have been carried out, and having passed our “would we give this person a key for our own home” would we include them in our database. We take security extremely seriously and are proud to have a 100% security record.

Q. Can I change the cleaning tasks from week to week?
A. Absolutely. It’s all part of the service! If you are not home, just leave your cleaner a note so she knows what you want her to do.

Q. What about insurance?
A. We provide insurance of £2 million while your cleaner is in your home.

Q. Is there a minimum contract?
A. We have an initial 1 month rolling contract. Should you need to cancel all we ask is 1 months notice in writing. This can be by email or a traditional letter by post.

Q. How much does your service cost?
A. The typical rate is £12.50 per hour, inclusive, depending on postcode. There are no hidden extras.


Q. I’m not in during the day. Can I trust the cleaner with my house key?
A. Yes, the cleaners registered with us are all vetted. A large majority of our clients are not at home when the cleaner comes and we can boast a brilliant security record.

Q. I’ve got more questions?
A. Give us a call on 01473 216009 or email info@broomcleaning.co.uk  and we’ll be happy to answer any specific questions you have, or just discuss things personally.

Q. I want to go ahead, what do I do now?

A. Either call us on 01473 216009 or email info@broomcleaning.co.uk and we will arrange an appointment to visit you at your home. At this meeting we will discuss your requirements including hours and your choice of cleaning day.